Research and Development

Research and Development

Professional RD Department To Overpass Customer’s Requirement

Hetek always thinks about following three major questions:
(1) What help one industry growing continuously ?
(2) How to keep the vitality of one company?
(3) How can we help our customer & distributor be more competitive / gain more profit?

Our answers are Quality assurance, Innovation, Professional and elaborate.

Quality is the fundamental for any company, the quality includes product quality and service quality. We have 3 method to ensure product quality:
1. Hetek only select quality row material from qualified supplier.
2. Hetek has excellent equipments to ensure the quality of product.
3. Hetek has a reliable QC team with strict quality control rules.
4. The quality principle is deeply mark in the heart of each staff, 1% mistake made by us will lead to 100% loss for customer, we always emphasize this rule.

Innovation is one of the most important thing in today and future business for one company to survive in the fierce market competition. Innovation idea and design ability becomes a power for any future moving. With an R&D team of 3 engineers to constantly design new products and control technical issues, Hetek invest averagely $30,000.00 as New-Product-Develop budget fund yearly or for new mold. You can find Hetek always have most popular style of product.

We would like to develop new product for any customer with a certain quantity demand, and we can develop the new mold by our cost.

If you already had samples, design drawings, or even a sketch, Hetek can make out a perfect product to your requirement.

Professional means we have to be a expert in this filed, to suit various demand for the wall panels requirement, offer a plan with most cost effective, also help customer avoid the mistake or waste in wall panel design.

Elaborate means we think more than a supplier, we will think in the position of customer. No matter only a small house or big commercial project, you can get our professional advice freely!