3D Plastic Wall Panels

At the moment it is the most popular form of decorative wall panels – the so-called “3D panel.” They are made of pvc or other materials.

3D wall panels design options panel set which most part they look really stylish and relevant. Making 3D panels can be one wall, decorative column, or any portion of the premises – this will be enough to create a shared experience.

3D pvc decoration panel is light with features such as easy installation, sound-absorbing insulation, damp-proofing, durability, and eco-friendly etc. It’s easy to achieve three dimensional decorative effects by using a combination of plane and stereoscopic. After mounting them seams and panels can be painted in the desired color. The most popular shape remain the squares and each panel can be easily cut to any size by your imagination. Often these decorative panels most used for decoration of public places – hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, offices, exhibition hall alike.

The modern fashion style of 3d decorative pvc wall panel collection is a fashion choice for your decorative wall panel project. Offering a sophisticated and extensive selection of mat and polishing finishes, the Hetek collection is an ideal choice to improve overall design of your living area or commercial space.


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