3D Rendering Presentation

3D Rendering Presentation

3d Rendering Presentation

Why Hetek Offer 3d rendering presentation service?

3D rendering presentation is expressed through images and other media works and achieve the desired results. It’s using computer technology to simulate the real world of high virtual images. From the view of construction and industrial, the main function of 3d renderings is to make the drawing to be three-dimensional, and through the high simulation display to check for defects in design project and then make the modification.

3D rendering presentation making is an extension of Hetek services. Before making, it requires customer to provide layout and elevation of CAD drawings with dimensions to us and then we will use 3-dimensional simulation technology and put 3d wall panels material to make and form intuitive vision display.

Hetek provide 3D rendering presentation service to our clients exclusively in order to enable architects, exterior and interior designers, builders, cabinet companies as well as the DIY experts to check and adjust the design to achieve the best effect at first time, meanwhile improving overall use satisfaction of product and saving cost.